From Dust N' Passion

by Inheritor

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Debut Album.


released February 22, 2010

Victoria Mejia - Vocals
Alejandro Cardenas - Guitar/Vocals
Ivan Montenegro - Guitar
Diego Duque - Bass
Leonel Rojas - Drums



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Inheritor Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Path of Oblivion
One more moonlight

Longing with grief


Just one more dismal night walking in sorrow

taking a star as my witness

I try to carry the cross of thy wisdom

Spreading my blood thru this path

whispering shadows enclosing my sight as

standing in darkness I hear you

knowing I don't have the light that you wish for

I fight the beast in my mind

One more moon light

Frozen within

The failure of dreams

Riding whispering winds thru

The flames of this meaningless

Life that burns us

"come child, I give you the shelter of my wings

and heal, thy wounds, with humbleness.

Look back, remember how blind we used to be

Those nights we fell thru desire"


Hearing the cry's of a nightwolf you feel (it)

(it) takes all thy strength to receive it

out in the cold were thy black rose is bleeding

I mourn for you one last time

Some times at dusk I still hear thy ghost weeping

Sadly its just there to deceive me

Always enchained in thy prison of mirrors

No choice was left but to part

Sweet child in black just

forgive me for leaving

thy name in the dust of

forgotten vistas
Track Name: Spiritual Company
Once time has endowed you by sword

New voices and scences rise within

Opened eyes useless as always and always enabled to see whats beneath

Dogmatic victims entrapped by them walls all possessed by a malicious creed

Raising empires filled with emptiness gaining their strength from the sufferers greed

Ignorance scattered in pages and places away from divinities' breeze

Take my hand, get in the shade, come take a chance and have a taste

What if all thy suffering and pain came from a

lack of knowledge from the hidden laws within our path

come act thru my veins once again

come lend me thy seed of fire and light

walking thru mirrors unholy mirage holding visions from subconscious lands

casting new forces unbound from the flesh and the hate burning all of their lies

polistichum filix mas, rosae vulgaris, bring more than a perfume to me

deep in the woods where we learn from the wind we can shed a few mercyfull deeds

take the ride, higher and higher, walk thru the gates of silent vaults
Track Name: Beloved Forsaken
"Some times in dreams they come singing laments from foreign landscapes

evoking times where angels wept over a maiden's blood

behind that old black veil where ferocity learned seduction

I gaze thru the transfiguration of ancient dogs"

Just keep on holding her

Last night's embrace as she fades

Mistress o mine youre leaving me

Kissing the ghost with thy skin getting cold as you cry (fly)

Now I can see how our starlight was

Written in traces of blood wich was taken from thorn less hearts tonight

"missing her touch yet beholding a corpse in this dull forest were my love lies"


"beyond forbidden lands were the slayer took thy devotion

I can still hear them crying for the bitterness of such laws

And thru this realm of rage were some children learn from destruction

I bid thy scent farewell bearing solitude's binds once more"

I just keep holding thy

Light on our ill fated path

Shattered inside I become one of

Cruelty's disciple disinterred from planes were they shine

Silent seductress inhaled by light

Shearing a glimpse as we dance thru the mist reaching fire one last time

"lets not forget were just hazards decendants unable to crawl from our doom"
Track Name: Tenderness Through Furiousity
Beautifully arranged by a star

Carried by angels, bewitched by the charm from the fairie's delight

Waveing so delicate,placed in the lake among

Envious gardens

Two for a single wish saved by a night candles sigh form the heart

Flowering faced mistress fragile as I we belong together ()

Such conforting glance, brought from venus a smile towards our vows

(come hold me close to thee)

"blessed be thy lips for healing my illdiving soul"

Vestal beloved seductress in black I can feel you near me ()

Ferocious scences thru dim midnight lights, were deep in the shrine of our amorous rites

(breathing upon my skin)

Our sheltering flesh

So fairly bound we cross fires hand in hand

Sweet black rose immortal o mine

Ghostly confessor my mistress my child come and stay by my side

Passion so heavenly dragged thru your eyes as we

sail thru the shadows

lovers possession possessed by each other's wild sings so divine

Dove feathered ravens and wolverish maidens were always near by()

malice our gift from dark blood and the saints, kept us from hearing false laments and tails

(wasting their breath in vain)
Track Name: As Brief As Beauty
Come smooth my sorrows once more

For I know its the last time your dearness will be by mi side

Virtues that I once possesed (wont)

Wont heal my heart when youre gone thru the distance

were dead angles lie

Please do come closer and hold, hold me so tight on the

Last night well shed thru the cruelty of our time.
Track Name: The Tarot And The Rose
Miss given thoughts placed within lonely souls

Right in the center he stands,

warmed by the sun who sends equal amount s of light to all

inner voices that shout

lighting up all our doubts

right to your right lies an empress of gold's

under this sun you can see how she glows

so why do you, speak to me , and whisper such insanities

the hermit on your left keeps calling thru the wind

with stick and lamp in hand he walks thru the night

and as the joker stops and whisper s in your ear

just an old faithfull hound keeps holding you down

but what if every fang is filled up with fear

dark omens, wheels of fortune, tempting us all

death brings a spirit of change

hanged from the roof to the grave

blind as you are you can spread thy decease

arrows as fast as the poison you spill

so why do you, aim at me , to take away my sanity

two sisters hand in hand the older and the young

both underneath the sun that loves brother brought

dark virtues hidden underneath a mask of joy

they keep the fire of venus burning us all

the garden filled with broken statues haunt us all

forget me not she said thy love will live on
Track Name: A Fading Caress
Softened feelings among thy dreams

Inner voices that scream in silence

As deprived as you are from her sight

Love reversions denied

Each passing moon that faints

Takes away her shades

My circle of despair

Silent leakage

Mind rebellion's disguise

Taking moments away

Never again to be recalled

Lost thoughts lost words

Old bestowed weakened dragonfly

Won't you whisper to me any longer

Features fading away from my mind

No remorse for the blind

Fears beared with your own flesh

The bleeding nightingale

Secretly deceived

Silent madness

Born thru winters embrace

Saved by night lover's grace

Take my wings and let them burn

Thy pain thy name